Decorazione del brand EurotexFilati


In 40 years Eurotexfilati has become a reference point in the textile sector with a broad expertise capable of satisfying the needs of hundreds of customers worldwide. The company produces and supplies nylon, polyester and polypropylene yarns for various textile applications, from clothing, to fabrics, rugs and more


Eurotexfilati produces and supplies nylon yarns (PA6 and PA66) and elastic yarns for different textile segments:

Textile - Hosiery


Eurotexfilati is able to supply from the thinnest yarns for ultra transparent socks, to those with larger count to obtain thicker socks. All our elastic and nylon yarns adapt to any type of production: from the simple vanisè technique, which combines polyamide with naked elastomers, to the production method inspired by the Lycra 3D technique, which instead requires the use of covered elastomers.

Textile - Men's Socks

Men's Socks

Sporty, thermal, classic, trendy, as well as socks for a child. Whatever may be the preferred type of men's socks, Eurotexfilati offers a wide range of synthetic and natural yarns for the production of any type of sock:

  1. colored nylon yarns both yarn-dyed and mass-dyed, twisted or intermingled
  2. elastic air-covered, single and double covered yarns; the level of elasticity changes according to the area of ​​the sock where the yarn is used, as well as from the application of the sock itself
  3. smooth metallic yarns or combined with other fibers, such as nylon, cotton or viscose, for fashion products
  4. performance yarns used mainly in the sports sector, such as Dryarn propylene and other technical yarns

Textile - Seamless and Circular Knitting

Seamless and Circular Knitting

Nylon and polypropylene are the perfect yarns for seamless technology, and Eurotexfilati is able to supply the best quality. These are breathable, light, comfortable, antibacterial and insulating yarns, perfect for intimate clothing, both classic and technical, as well as for sports and beachwear

Textile - Weaving


Weaving requires complex processes in many cases. Furthermore, what really makes the difference is the technical competence of your supplier. Eurotexfilati offers a technical consultancy service to supply you with the most suitable yarn to make your fabrics.

Textile - Technical Fabrics for medical use

Technical Fabrics for medical use

In the creation of therapeutic products such as compression stockings, elastic bands and orthopedic corsets, yarns with a guarantee for an optimal level of elasticity are needed. Depending on the applications and specific characteristics of each product, you can choose the type of elastic yarn with the most suitable compression level for your product from the Eurotexfilati sample book.