April 22, 2020


With a view to becoming an increasingly efficient, data-driven and agile company, ready to seize business opportunities, Eurotexfilati S.p.A. has recently launched a Digital Transformation process, starting from the core component - the IT infrastructure.

Decorazione del brand EurotexFilati

Following the expansion of activities and the opening up of new markets, Eurotexfilati has seen the need to reconsider its work methods in order to optimise the flow of information while achieving high performance and business continuity, even in the event of system malfunctioning.

For several years, the management and monitoring of the IT infrastructure has been entrusted to Alto Garda Informatica Srl, a company operating in the field of consulting, marketing IT products and technical assistance.

The same company has also made a careful analysis in accordance with the FMECA standard, highlighting certain situations of potential risk using the existing IT equipment. Eurotexfilati has therefore decided to totally re-new its IT system also ahead of introducing modern Unified Collaboration systems. In addition, an important project has been approved, which has involved replacing the current installation with a brand new infrastructure based on a VMware and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Host virtualization platform.

The Hosts used are Enterprise class products, which are reliable, high-performing, scalable and able to fully support the envisaged workload, also in a perspective of rapid expansion.

During operations, all network devices were also replaced and two new networking devices were placed in suitable rooms on different floors of our headquarters based in Pietramurata, with the aim of ensuring business continuity.

Strict backup and disaster recovery procedures were implemented to ensure total availability, integrity and confidentiality of data. Perimeter security is managed by a Sophos firewall, which enables remote connections and those to branch offices with two-factor authentication systems.

For Eurotexfilati, the new IT infrastructure is an effective tool for developing business activities while acknowledging that the use of technology in the digital transformation process alone is not enough, yet it is a pre-requisite for adopting digital systems and introducing in-house smart-working models.

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