May 11, 2023

FibrXL - a Dutch and US based distributor and converter of High Tenacity Yarns - announces the acquisition of Eurotexfilati SRL in Italy

The transaction is in line with FibrXL’s strategic plan to become the largest worldwide high tenacity fibre distribution platform

Decorazione del brand EurotexFilati

Almere, 5 May 2023 – Eurotexfilati, founded in 1975, generates medium and High Tenacity synthetic fibres

for various applications in the industrial market as well as for textile purposes. The company is

headquartered in Dro, Italy, and has a subsidiary office in Istanbul, Turkey. Eurotexfilati is a converter and

distributor of yarns and plays a key role in the value chain of fiber waste recycling. It serves clients mainly

in Italy, Spain, Turkey and in the Baltics of products that are sourced across the globe. Eurotexfilati will

become part of the FibrXL Group, which will lead to a total estimated revenue over EUR 115 million with in

total 97 FTE.

With this acquisition, FibrXL strengthens its position in the many-to-many market, while it remains eager

to expand its footprint across the markets it serves. The combination benefits from scale and scope in both

procurement and sales towards existing and new clients. FibrXL expects to complete this transaction before

the end of June 2023.

FibrXL is a Dutch based distributor and converter of High Tenacity yarns such as polyester, polyamide,

Dyneema®, PrismaTM, Twaron and Technora for various industrial applications in Europe, Africa and North-

America. The synthetic yarns hold specific properties and are used in offshore-, automotive- and geotextile

industries, as well as the packaging, strapping-, rope- and net industry.

Strategy going forward

Over the coming years, FibrXL expects to further accelerate growth through a combination of strategic focus

on High Tenacity yarns, geographical expansion and targeted bolt-on acquisitions. FibrXL is market leader

in its core markets and optimally positioned to benefit from the strong growth in the market for both

premium yarns, such as Dyneema® and Twaron, and High Tenacity yarns, such as polyester and polyamide.

In addition, plans for the roll-out of warehouses and offices in strategic locations are ready to be deployed.

Lastly, there still exist several opportunities for bolt-on acquisitions in both Europe and North-America.


Jeroen Drenth, CEO of the FibrXL Group, is stating: “Eurotexfilati is a very much welcome add-on to our

group, led by a strong management team supported by a team of highly skilled staff with a deep knowledge

of the market and end users they serve. As such, Eurotexfilati will be able to make a difference and offer

value add to our clients in Europe and the Middle East. For FibrXL this is only the beginning, we are

determined to expand our footprint organically and through acquisitions”. Walter Perini, Chairman of

Eurotexfilati, is stating: “We are ready to take the next step as part of FibrXL, for us they are the ideal partner

to help us grow and use the expertise and scale to become a more dominant player in EMEA”. Walter Perini

and Gianluca Zanivan will remain as management of FibrXL Italy Srl and will further contribute to of the

growth of FibrXL.

About FibrXL

FibrXL is a leading distributor of High Tenacity yarns, such as polyester, polyamide, Aramid and Synthetic

continuous filament yarns that are used in ropes, strappings and fabrics. Over the last twenty-five years,

FibrXL has become the leading distributor of industrial yarns in Europe, Africa and North America. The

company yearly serves over a thousand customers through its network of branch offices and warehouses

that are strategically placed over three continents. It plays an important role in a many-to-many market,

connecting fibre producers to a wide array of product manufacturers serving a variety of end markets.

FibrXL’s customer-oriented distribution model is underpinned by its strong focus on competitive pricing,

fast deliveries and extensive yet balanced stocks. FibrXL is a portfolio company of Active Capital Company.

For further information about FibrXL please see

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