June 11, 2020


Eurotexfilati takes a second step towards sustainability. After focusing on energy efficiency, the company has decided to purchase only 100% clean energy.

Decorazione del brand EurotexFilati

Eurotexfilati has signed an electricity supply agreement with DOLOMITI ENERGIA “a commercial company in the Dolomiti Energia Group established to provide Italian families and businesses with the best energy and gas solutions, thus protecting nature with 100% clean energy, savings with advantageous offers, and people with solidarity projects."

“Dolomiti Energia’s 100% clean energy” is all-Italian energy, produced exclusively from renewable sources of certified origin and guaranteed by the Gestore dei Servizi Energetici.

With this supply, Eurotexfilati aims to combine the environment with savings: economic savings must not be a burden on the environment.

Today, Eurotexfilati is a green company, as it uses 100% clean energy to make its semi-finished products with industrial yarns and to operate the entire plant that houses it, but this is not the only reason: part of its work involves the recovery of waste materials otherwise destined for disposal. Moreover, a circular economy project is soon to be defined, which will see the participation of Eurotexfilati in recycling nylon garments, such as costumes and related products.

Sustainability is a true philosophy for Eurotexfilati, and its green approach is a path that does not end with a few individual actions, but continues to evolve over time.

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