May 22, 2020


As part of the long-term path of development in progress, in order to obtain a clear picture of the reference market and its underlying dynamics.

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As part of the long-term path of development in progress, in order to obtain a clear picture of the reference market and its underlying dynamics, and to set up company organisation and strategies to better respond to the opportunities offered by the market, Eurotexfilati established a partnership, in December 2019, with a leading business consulting company, EFESO Consulting, entrusting it with the preliminary analysis stage.

The reference market in question concerns ropes, nets, slings and similar applications, for which Eurotexfilati not only supplies yarns but also produces semi-finished products tailored to customer specifications, thereby acting as a production partner. This is a sector for which no market research or official data are available, therefore it is difficult to understand its scope and complexity.

The analysis project shared with EFESO Consulting is divided into 3 stages; each one with a specific purpose:

  • The first stage involves mapping the market : evaluating current markets and identifying potential markets, studying competitors and collecting, when possible, their balance sheet data in order to assess the size and profitability of companies in the sector.

Mapping the market

  • After determining the size of the reference market and its special characteristics, a market survey of the sector is launched, submitting a questionnaire to customers and potential customers. It aims to assess the expectations of operators in the sector regarding the products and services offered and the critical performance indicators of success. Various dimensions are included in the questionnaire: from the quality/price ratio to the quality of the service offered, the range of products, their innovative features and the problem solving skills required of a supplier. This research will help to define the strategic lines of development of Eurotexfilati in the coming years.

  • During the final stage of the project, an assessment of the organisational impact will be carried out and a fully-fledged business plan will be drawn up. This will take into account any intervention required in order to meet the real needs of the market and seize the opportunities of new business areas.

For now, the first part of the project has been completed and the market survey is underway.\ We will be pleased to share some of the results as soon as it has been completed. So please continue to follow us on our blog.

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