August 30, 2021


Eurotexfilati is certified to the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), which certifies recycled material from the source to final product.

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Eurotexfilati is certified to the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), which certifies recycled material from the source to final product. The objective of Eurotexfilati, by attaining this certification, is to broaden its product range and respond to the increasingly hard-driving demand for eco-sustainable products, and to pursue its sustainability goals. This certification is issued by accredited certifying bodies, in our case Control Union, operating on behalf of the international non-profit body Textile Exchange, which deals with responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector. The certification in question promotes a circular economy and its objectives are to reduce the consumption of resources and increase the quantity and quality of products derived from recycled materials.

GRS certification calls for final products to contain at least 20% recyclable material, pre or post-consumer, but it is much more than a product certification: in order to obtain it, strict environmental and social criteria must be met and a policy of corporate responsibility must therefore be implemented; manufacturing activities and processes must follow environmental and social requirements predetermined by Textile Exchange.

It was granted to Eurotexfilati both for its trading activities and its manufacturing processes of recycled synthetic yarns, also available in high strength, therefore directed not only at the textile sector, but also at a variety of applications in the industrial sector. The majority of our products has a pre- or post-consumer percentage of recycled raw materials ranging from 85% to 100%.

An essential aspect of obtaining certification is having a product traceability system at every phase of the supply chain in order to guarantee that the recycled material is correctly identified, thereby preventing issues of confusion and/or substitution with other materials. To comply with this obligation, Eurotexfilati reviewed its coding system, inserting ad hoc codes for GRS materials, creating a system that is more efficient, more effective, and 100% traceable.

The goal of becoming a sustainable company is increasingly clear in the sights of Eurotexfilati, and certifications such as the Global Recycled Standard can only testify with complete transparency to the company’s commitment to this aim.

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