February 28, 2022


Eurotexfilati signs a collaboration agreement with Aquafil for the use of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon 6 in industrial applications

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Eurotexfilati, always attentive to product innovation and always looking for new materials, new fibres and alternative solutions for its customers, has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Aquafil, a manufacturer of Nylon 6 and regenerated Nylon 6, for which it is already the official distributor in Russia and the Balkan countries of several products.

Aquafil has chosen Eurotexfilati as the exclusive distributor in Europe of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon 6 yarns for industrial applications, in particular for rope and netting manufacturers, where Eurotexfilati mainly operates and has a certain history and expertise in the processing of synthetic yarns, although developments in other markets are not excluded.

The collaboration was officially presented at METSTRADE 2021 in Amsterdam, during which the DISCOVER ECONYL®, HIGH QUALITY REGENERATED NYLON 6 event took place.

ECONYL® is a regenerated Nylon 6 fibre yarn produced entirely from pre- and post-consumption Nylon waste that has exactly the same characteristics as traditional Nylon 6 and can be recycled, recreated and remodelled over and over again.

Infinitely recyclable Nylon 6 is undoubtedly an excellent solution for supporting the circular economy in the textile industry, but today it can also be a valid option for industrial applications, for all those manufacturers of ropes, netting or other products that intend to embrace the circular economy and promote a new, highly sustainable production model.

There are many industrial applications in which regenerated Nylon 6 can be used, and several customers have already tried it with a view to working according to the circular economy criteria and contributing to improving the environment around us and creating a better future for the next generations.

Anyone interested in participating in this important project can contact our sales team by writing to sales@eurotexfilati.com

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