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The market for synthetic or natural fibre ropes, braids and netting embraces many industrial applications and is therefore a strategic sector.

Replacing traditional materials has led to an increase in the use of high-performance synthetic fibres, which, thanks to their lightness and chemical and physical stability, have replaced natural fibres that are less resistant and more susceptible to different types of degradation, or steel fibres, which are heavier, in other applications.

Synthetic fibres are often preferred to other materials due to their special features: lightness, or rather their high weight-to-strength ratio, longevity, high resistance to external stress and robust rotational properties. These features combined makes this type of material particularly versatile and ideal for the most varied of uses. Whether fishing and aquaculture nets, sports nets or safety nets for the construction industry, ropes for agriculture or tree care, nautical ropes for moorings or for navigation are required, Eurotexfilati can always supply the most suitable product, whether yarns or processed yarns. The processes available enable us to supply yarns that are twisted, stretched, combined or treated with specific coatings to enhance the natural features of the fibres. We process polyester, nylon, aramid, HMPE and UHMWPE yarns, polypropylene and natural fibres. We can also provide ranges of certified recycled yarns.

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