Decorazione del brand EurotexFilati


Through a constant and progressive expansion of the market over the past 20 years, Eurotexfilati is known as one of the most important and reliable producers of semi-finished products for synthetic fiber ropes in this business segment.

Eurotexfilati is able to customize semi-finished products, hereby becoming a serious partner within the production process of client companies. Eurotexfilati is very cautious in choosing the most suitable raw materials to ensure the best quality / price ratio on the finished product market.

The constant investment in research and development allows Eurotexfilati to find innovative solutions for its customers every time and to create the right product for any requests.

Eurotexfilati offers a very high quality, which is defined by its reliability in respect of the customer's needs.

In addition to meeting the technical requirements, its product range complies with the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. All orders are constantly monitored during production. Eurotexfilati focuses on offering excellent service, in compliance with the technical specifications and delivery times.



Industrial - Nautical


High tenacity synthetic yarns can be used for various products in the nautical world: from sheets for boat sails, to moorings and ropes for yachts. Moreover, thanks to PP Torbole twisted yarn, that looks like hemp but has a significantly better tear resistance, even ropes for classic/historic boats can be produced. Other products may also be applied in the area of commercial marine, e.g. tow lines or ropes for cranes.

Industrial - Fishing


Especially nylon yarns are used for surrounding nets because they have great flexibility and tensile strength. Polyethylene yarns instead are used for cage nets and aviaries for fish-farming, as they remain stable against UV rays and do not absorb water. Because of their thicker filaments, there is less space between the ropes making it particularly difficult for hazardous organisms, which could affect the health of the fish in the cage, to grow. Polyester fibers are used less because they are more slippery, but if properly twisted they have a performance comparable to nylon.

Industrial - Industry


There are various usages of synthetic fiber yarns in the industrial sector: ropes used on oil or gas platforms, technical fabrics for the automotive sector, or fire hoses, or ropes for the packaging industry.

Industrial - Agriculture


In agriculture, the products made with synthetic yarns, are mostly general purpose ropes, often in medium tenacity polyester, or electric fences. The latter are made with specific ropes in which the electric wire is twisted with the polyester cable.

Industrial - Sport Outdoor

Sport Outdoor

High tenacity nylon and polyester yarns are used to create many products for outdoor sports. First of all for climbing ropes, but also kitesurfing - lines, tops for windsurfing, bars for wakeboards, wakesurf and water skiing bars. Safety, robustness, resilience, UV and deterioration resistance are the characteristics which these products must obtain. Consequently, the processed yarns must have these qualities too.

Industrial - Buildings


High tenacity synthetic yarns are also used in the production of harnesses and safety ropes on construction sites. For this type of application, often not only polyester and nylon are used but also even more robust fibers, such as Dyneema®.

Industrial - Telecommunications and electrical cables

Telecommunications and electrical cables

High performance fibers (para-aramid, polyester, glass fibers ecc.) are widely used in the telecommunications sector for the production of electric or optical fiber cables. They are used, for example, to bind cable components together (binder yarn). In order to avoid water penetration into the cables during construction operations the yarns can be coated with super absorbent polymers. Or they can be used as cords as a tool to rip the cable jacket in case of maintenance of the cable (ripcord).